February 26, 2003

Full Mental Jacket designs virtual set for Dateline NBC 'Michael Jackson Unmasked' Special

Full Mental Jacket announces the completion of a virtual set for Dateline NBC's 'Michael Jackson Unmasked' 2hr special which aired Feb. 17, 2003. Dateline called on Full Mental Jacket to give their show a unique look. Dateline Producer Jason Raff chose a 3D real-time virtual set from Full Mental Jacket's set library. Over a 2 week period, Full Metal Jacket's designers then modified the set to incorporate 30 years of the most famous images of the 'King of Pop'. The result was a one of a kind animated 360 degree montage of Michael Jackson's career. The montage seamlessly incorporated video and animation, reinforcing the script with powerful images of Jackson through out his career.

When completed, the real-time 3D set was tested and optimized at Production Group Studios in Hollywood, CA by virtual set engineer Chris Mapes. The Dateline special was then shot at SMA Video in New York City using Orad's Cyberset System.

"The designers at Full Metal Jacket are such a creative and hard working Team. They were very involved in every aspect of the production and so willing to go that extra mile, which made the entire process truly pleasurable. We were all very happy with the results.", said Dateline Producer Jason Raff. He added ," It was a nice experience. I think the set looked great and gave the show a sophisticated look. The collaboration was easy and I appreciated the extra effort on the part of Full Mental Jacket to make it happen."